Wicker Basketry


By Flo Hoppe
Published By Schiffer Publishing

• 24 projects for both beginning and seasoned weavers
• Seven weaving techniques are demonstrated
• Tips for selecting and storing your materials and tools

With its irresistible combination of form and function, wicker basketry has captivated artisans for hundred of years. Use these timeless techniques to make elegant baskets for modern use. Whether you are a beginner or experienced weaver, illustrated step-by-step instructions offer a range of techniques and tips for making both round and oval bases, making handles, preparing to weave, and adding color. Projects include a simple plant basket, a bread basket with beads, a lidded sewing basket, and a large double-handled shopping basket. A glossary of basketry terms, a list of suppliers, and instructions for designing your own basket is included. This book is great for weavers and crafters of all skills.

Flo Hoppe has been a full-time studio artist, teacher, and author since 1971. She teaches and exhibits worldwide. Her other published books include Contemporary Wicker Basketry and Plaited Basketry with Birch Bark.

Size 8 1/2" x 11"

290 photos, 169 patterns

Wicker Basketry ISNB 978-0-7643=4080-2 Soft Cover $24.95

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Contemporary Basket Weaving

By Flo Hoppe

Flo Hoppe's sold-out second book, has been revised and updated and continues round reed weaving techniques to challenge and inspire you.

30 basket projects each with full-color photos, drawings and simple explanations that show exactly what to do. Color gallery of baskets by many of the world's notable contemporary artists.

Contemporary Wicker Basketry Second Edition (2006) (shown) $29.95

Contact Flo Hoppe to order. FGHoppe@aol.com

Contemporary Wicker Basketry First Edition (1996) ISBN 1887374159 Out of Print

Wicker Basketry (1989) ISNB 0934026491 Soft Cover Out of Print

The out of print books are available on Ebay, TomFolio.com and other booksellers.

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Plaited Basketry with Birch Bark

By Vladimir Yarish, Flo Hoppe and Jim Widess

Vladimir Yarish, a master basketmaker from Novgorod, Russia, has done many years of research on birch bark, haunting all the museums and archaeological sites for information on the bark itself, what it is used for, and how the baskets and canisters are made. He has written extensively about his findings in this book. A section in the book shows Vladimir harvesting birch bark in the "dangerous" Russian forest (he always refers to it as "dangerous" and having been in the forest myself harvesting alongside him, I know why - the best season for harvesting is when it's hot and the mosquitos and deer flies come out en masse!) Flo Hoppe has written the directions for the project section which contains 18 projects: simple plain-weave baskets, many double-woven diagonally plaited baskets, shoes, a necklace, surface embellishments, a canister, and a box with pegs. All of the projects have numerous pictures to make following the directions easier. The book ends with a stunning gallery of baskets made from birch bark as well as alternative materials (paper, film strips, copper strips, plastic strapping tape, etc). Since birch bark is not readily available to everyone, the authors wanted to make sure people will be able to make the baskets out of other materials and I think the gallery shows that well.

Jim Widess is the force behind this book. He arranged to have Sterling publish the book and he’s also taken all of the pictures. The book has about 1000 pictures in it.

Plaited Basketry with Birch Bark (2008) (shown) Now Available

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